Nordic Yarn

Tia and Erik are two yarn enthusiasts who founded Nordic Yarn together, respecting the legacy of Erik’s Finnish-Italian family who had been recycling textiles for years. They started working with pure cashmere. Half of it is recycled and half is cashmere virgin wool from Mongolia. They buy wool from nomadic tribes whose goats roam freely.
Part of the yarn’s recycled raw material comes from second-hand clothing. Nordic Yarn do not break the fibre and they never recolour it. Their technicians recreate the yarn colour according to the original material. Eco Cashmere is dyed using non-toxic, environmentally friendly dyes, only the virgin fibre part is dyed to blend in with the shade of the reclaimed fibre. The water used during this process is cleaned and returned to nature.
It is the dream of Nordic Yarn to bring a new dimension of quality and sustainability to knitters around the world.

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