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JAROME: The Art Imposter

JAROME (who’s real name is Jim Rymer) is a contemporary Irish artist living in Norfolk and specialising in using multi-medium art and painting techniques. His work is inspired by the beauty of the countryside of both Ireland, especially the west coast where he spent much of his childhood, the Norfolk coast where he now lives and The coast of Gozo Malta where he spends a lot of his time.  Although a number of years painting and exhibiting he still feels an art imposter!! 

In his work, Jarome combines various unexpected materials, everything from oil paints, artists resin, ink, and luminous power paint, onto fragments of industrial and monastic glass, and found objects. The heavily textured paintings are often drawn from memories and experiences through his colourful life. Jarome trained as a concert pianist, after which he studied for a degree in the history of religious art, to time spent as a priest, followed by life as an actor and director with international companies throughout the world. He then went on to become  a secondary school teacher where he was head of drama, he then retrained as a psychotherapist and finally a psychologist. However his journey has always centred on the expressive art and a paint brush was never far from his reach.

The process and influences. Each painting takes several months to complete, and  starts life as an abstract oil painting. This forms the background to subsequent layers of resin, ink, dye, and powder paint pigment. Following this, fragments of recycled glass are often incorporated, each tiny fragment hand placed onto the canvas. Yet more resin layers are added to complete the painstaking process. His influences are numerous, from the figurative work of Francis Bacon, John Kiki, Lucian Freud and Frank Auerbach. Other influences include Gerhard Richter as well as VIncent Van Gogh’s use of colour and Monet’s treatment of water  The work of the Irish painter Jack B Yeats is also an  important  factor in his work. 

OCTOBER 11 to DECEMBER 24 2022

Tuesday to Saturday                                                                        10am-4pm

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